About The Reactionary

The Reactionary is a blog who’s main contributor is Zac Braddy. The blog’s main topic is the React.js library, produced by Facebook. At the Reactionary you’ll find a number of Tutorials, opinion pieces, conversations around best practices and more! If you are wanting to get a truly deep Grok of the React.js library then you need look no further.

About Zac Braddy

Zac looking dapper

Zac is an Australian Web Developer living and working in Nottingham, England. Whilst he is, by trade a full stack .NET/C# developer he does have a keen interest in the React.js clientside library and the funky things it can do.

When Zac is not doing tech related things he’s having fun with his kids. They are total geeks like him so he get’s to relive his childhood playing super heroes or watching WWE!

To entertain himself Zac likes play tabletop or computer games. He spends more hours on Overwatch than he would care to devuldge and he’s also hopelessly taken by playing board games and D&D.