This week I’m going to be taking a short break from our regularly scheduled program to have a quick chat with you about The Reactionary, meta as hell right?

Just recently we ticked over 6 months since the first post was published on The Reactionary and it’s been a long hard, and yet still enjoyable, road to get to where we are now. Since beginning I’ve continued to publish a post almost every week.

Also just before Christmas I started The Reactionary Youtube channel which I’ve been trying to release two videos on per month. This regular content has bought me a lot of success and I intend to continue delivering content as often as I can.

Then what’s the big deal?

As rewarding as all this has been I, personally, have been investing an inhuman amount of time to achieve this schedule. Who knew blogging and making videos was so hard right?!

Whilst it has been enjoyable, the size of the workload I’ve given myself to achieve these goals have become a problem for two reasons:

First, I am human after all and have a family that needs attention.

Second, all this time creating content has been slowing down my ability to find out new things about React and related technologies. This is fine during these early days of the blog because I can just rely on my current expertise to produce content but over time as I start exhausting that resource this is going to seriously start impacting the quality of the content you’ll find on The Reactionary.

It’s my top priority that I protect the integrity and quality of this resource for you, the reader, so something must be done to facilitate my ability to migrate The Reactionary into the next stage of it’s evolution.

I now feel like I’ve gotten to a point in the lifetime of The Reactionary network that I need to start standardising and bedding in the content schedule that will make for a successful future.

It needs to become something that continues to serve my audience in a sustainable way that facilitates my ability to keep improving my skills and thus my content….and maybe leaves me with some time left over to play with the Raspberry Pi with my boy.

So what are you saying?!

I’m saying that The Reactionary will absolutely be sticking around, I have no intent on stopping The Reactionary any time soon! I also will continue to post content weekly, I don’t want to slow my content creation down at all. But I do need to start trying to balance the content creation across the two platforms I have at the moment.

From now on I will continue to post something weekly whether it be a blog post or a video. To try and make it so that you don’t have to guess which platform to look at each week, I’m going to start posting my content in the same way as I have with this mission statement, i.e. for my videos I’ll post on both platforms.

Whether I post a blog post or a video, something will always go on to this blog. If I post a video I’ll make a post like this one on this blog, and blog posts will obviously continue to be posted here as they are completed.

So from now on this site will be your single source for all things made on The Reactionary, including the podcast that I have in my mind’s eye so look out for that.

If you have any thoughts about these plans for The Reactionary then please feel free to share your them with me in the comments below or on any of my social medias. I look forward to continuing to share more React goodness with you as we learn the ins and outs of React together.