I am super, super excited to be announcing today that I will posting the first video on to the brand new youtube channel for The Reactionary!


I decided that for me to best serve my audience that I needed supply you with as many avenues for success as I could. So far with the blog, I am trying to help you achieve that success by writing in depth and informative tutorial posts backed by other opinion pieces and discussions centred around best practice.

However I’m very aware that not everybody has the time or inclination to read a deep technical piece every week. Equally saving them all up to read all at once, for some people, can present a daunting task.

It’s important to me that the work I do provides value to you, in whichever form that may take so I decided to embark on the mission to create a youtube channel so that you can decide to consume the content on this site however you feel most comfortable.


So what sort of content are you going to find on the new youtube channel? Well, to begin with, at least, it will be the same content as what you’ll find here on the blog but in video form.

In fact my first course of action is going to be to work my way through the tutorial blog post series I’ve been writing “The Code-venturing tutorial series” and reproduce all of that content in video form so there is more ways to consume that content.

I haven’t really decided what content is going to be put up once I’ve exhausted the tutorials. It will probably take one of two paths; either, I will start making other content from my blog into videos, like the opinion pieces and reviews etc. or I’ll start making completely independent content for the youtube channel.

Once again this is all going to depend on popularity of the content and scheduling. Speaking of scheduling!


Well as of this post, the first video is out! You’ll be able to watch it above or on youtube. From now on I plan to be releasing a new video on the 1st and 15th of every month so watch those spaces and you’ll be in for a new treat twice a month!

This announcement post was really just a one off I won’t be announcing every video here but rather just releasing them and promoting them from youtube directly. Next week we’ll be resuming normal service on the blog with another post about React.

I really feel exultant  to be able to present to you culmination of hours of work and I’m really proud of the result. I hope that you find value and enjoyment in watching the videos so I have an excuse to make more!