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So much style it hurts: Using ESLint in React projects

Zac looking super cool

Like most things in life, coding is so much better when you approach it with a certain style and panache. One of the classiest things you can do with your code base is ensure that...


Learning the new spells: Using ES2015 javascript with React and Babel

Zac showing the reactionary logo the new spells he learned

Well due to the wonderful work you’ve done on our recruitment scroll application The Reactionary Guild has seen an influx of Javascript wizards who are bringing new and even more powerful ECMAScript 2015 spells!...


Escaping the mines of Tedium: How to build a basic build pipeline for React using Webpack and NPM

Zac swinging a hammer!

Hello and welcome back! I’m so glad to see that you’ve accepted my invitation to come on this epic Code Quest to the end of grok (of React) and back! If you have no...