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Making a memorable entrance (or exit): How to use ReactCSSTransitionGroup

Zac making a dramatic entrance

Welcome back one and all! I’m excited to see you here and eager for you to take your next step on your CodeQuest towards the grok of React.js. It’s been a long road so...


List or Form, why not both? Making a list with a built in editor in React

Zac in a "why not?" pose

A fairly common piece of functionality that you’ll find in applications is a list of data which can be drilled into for more detailed information. This functionality is usual topped off with the ability to...


Pull up a chair, the show is about to start: Announcing The Reactionary Youtube channel

I am super, super excited to be announcing today that I will posting the first video on to the brand new youtube channel for The Reactionary! Why? I decided that for me to best...


When a good plan comes together: React project structure for scaling

Zac carefully building a house of cards

I’d like to talk about a topic that perhaps doesn’t get spoken about as much as it should and because we don’t speak about it enough publicly it tends to be something that we...


So much style it hurts: Using ESLint in React projects

Zac looking super cool

Like most things in life, coding is so much better when you approach it with a certain style and panache. One of the classiest things you can do with your code base is ensure that...


Sanding the corners: Refactoring a React component to fit the container/presentation component pattern

Zac sanding off the corners on The Reactionary logo.

The road to React grok has been a long and arduous one and with all this deep understanding we’ve been gaining over the last couple of tutorials my mind and soul grow weary. Whilst...


Jazzing up data capture: How to make a dynamic data driven form with ReactJS

Zac getting all Jazz d up with a flute

In the previous tutorials we have been creating an app to automatically generate personalised invitation scrolls to give to new initiates to React inviting them to join us on our epic quest to grok...


Learning the new spells: Using ES2015 javascript with React and Babel

Zac showing the reactionary logo the new spells he learned

Well due to the wonderful work you’ve done on our recruitment scroll application The Reactionary Guild has seen an influx of Javascript wizards who are bringing new and even more powerful ECMAScript 2015 spells!...


Embracing dark code magic: JSX and why it’s not all that evil

Zac fearing JSX!

Yes code-venturers, in this week’s tutorial we are going to embrace the dark code wizardry that is JSX. Now if you’ve even had a cursory glance at React you will have already seen JSX...


Escaping the mines of Tedium: How to build a basic build pipeline for React using Webpack and NPM

Zac swinging a hammer!

Hello and welcome back! I’m so glad to see that you’ve accepted my invitation to come on this epic Code Quest to the end of grok (of React) and back! If you have no...