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How did we get here: ESLint

It’s pretty common to hate on the Javascript-sphere and plethora of ever changing libraries and frameworks that we all have to keep track of and learn. There’s a reason that parody O’Reilly book covers...


Componentise all the things! Why componentised UIs in React are great.

Zac doing the "All the things" meme

As you’ve been travelling around the internet soaking up all the knowledge you can on React and other front end technologies, I’m sure that you will have come across the term, componentised UI. If...


Faster than a speeding repaint: The VirtualDOM and why it’s so dang fast!

Zac running from the reactionary logo. It's moving so fast it's on fire!

I’m sure that my humble blog isn’t the first site that you’ve visited whose topic was the React.js library. If it is then I’m obviously honoured but most likely I was not your first....