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Down Periscope!: A deep dive into PropTypes in React.

Zac diving into binary numbers

No time for “welcomes” or even “welcome backs” now! Baton down the hatches! We’re going to dive deep into the depths of the React source this week and take a look at PropTypes and...


Diary of a wannabe contributor: The road to my first React PR

Zac pledging to be a good open source contributor

It’s been about 2 years. That’s right, about 2 years ago I uttered to a nerdy friend of mine at the pub, “Ya know? I’d really like to be an open source contributor. That’d be awesome....


Making a memorable entrance (or exit): How to use ReactCSSTransitionGroup

Zac making a dramatic entrance

Welcome back one and all! I’m excited to see you here and eager for you to take your next step on your CodeQuest towards the grok of React.js. It’s been a long road so...


Book Review: React, Up and Running by Stoyan Sefanov

Zac with the React Up and running book

Welcome, dear reader, to another book review at The Reactionary. As I mentioned in my last book review I’m working my way down the top hits on Amazon for the search term “react.js”. I’m hoping...


List or Form, why not both? Making a list with a built in editor in React

Zac in a "why not?" pose

A fairly common piece of functionality that you’ll find in applications is a list of data which can be drilled into for more detailed information. This functionality is usual topped off with the ability to...


Pull up a chair, the show is about to start: Announcing The Reactionary Youtube channel

I am super, super excited to be announcing today that I will posting the first video on to the brand new youtube channel for The Reactionary! Why? I decided that for me to best...


When a good plan comes together: React project structure for scaling

Zac carefully building a house of cards

I’d like to talk about a topic that perhaps doesn’t get spoken about as much as it should and because we don’t speak about it enough publicly it tends to be something that we...


Book Review: React.js Essentials by Artemij Fedosejev

For the first review on my blog I thought it was important to try and cover material that  you would most likely be looking at as someone new to, and interested in, React. I...


How did we get here: ESLint

It’s pretty common to hate on the Javascript-sphere and plethora of ever changing libraries and frameworks that we all have to keep track of and learn. There’s a reason that parody O’Reilly book covers...


So much style it hurts: Using ESLint in React projects

Zac looking super cool

Like most things in life, coding is so much better when you approach it with a certain style and panache. One of the classiest things you can do with your code base is ensure that...