The Code-venturing Tutorial Series

On this page I have collected links to a Tutorial series that has been written as part of The Reactionary. It’s aim is to go slowly through the in’s and out’s of React and it’s peripheral technologies so that you can come out the end of the series with a deep Grok of the React.js framework. The reason it has been dubbed the Code-venturing tutorial series is because there is a lose adventuring based theme throughout them.

They have been written to be followed from start to finish but if you wish to pick up in the middle there is a Github repo that has a branch for each part of the series so to follow along in the middle just grab the repo from the previous part and you’ll be good to go.


Tutorial series in Blog Post Form

  1. Escaping the mines of Tedium: How to build a basic build pipeline for React using Webpack and NPM
  2. Embracing dark code magic: JSX and why it’s not all that evil
  3. Learning the new spells: Using ES2015 javascript with React and Babel
  4. Jazzing up data capture: How to make a dynamic data driven form with ReactJS
  5. Sanding the corners: Refactoring a React component to fit the container/presentation component pattern
  6. So much style it hurts: Using ESLint in React projects
  7. When a good plan comes together: React project structure for scaling
  8. List or Form, why not both? Making a list with a built in editor in React


Tutorial in Video Form